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Since the earliest times, spiritual seekers have sought answers to three fundamental questions: Who am I?Where do I come from? Where am I going?

The OMCC is an Initiatic School which suggests simple methods and effective means whereby one may begin to answer these three core questions. Initiations permit you, the seeker, in the course of simple but highly symbolic rituals, to connect to the Esoteric Tradition, to penetrate into oneself and thus acquire the Keys to Interior Knowledge. These initiations come to us in a direct line from Martinez de Pasqually and Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin. This initiatic filiation is a direct one-on-one transmission from Master to student, and has been carried on uninterrupted from Saint-Martin through many individuals down to the present day .

Saint Martin, in describing the initiation writes; "The only initiation which I advocate and which I look for with all the ardor of my Soul is that by which we are able to enter into the Heart of God within us, and there make an Indissoluble Marriage, which makes us the Friend, the Brother and Spouse of the Repairer ... there is no other way to arrive at this Holy Initiation than for us to delve more and more into the depth of our Soul and to not let go of the prize until we have succeeded in liberating its lively and vivifying origin."

The OMCC imparts to its members a very precious tool, which allows each to awaken his/her Conscience. It is then up to each Initiate to put these Teachings into daily practice. If his/her efforts are assiduous, he/she will enlist progressively into the "Way of the Heart." Later, as a function of his/her progress and aspirations, an " Operative Way " may be offered

The Associates: They are integrated into the eggregore of the Secret Chain through seeing, listening and speaking

The Initiates: Sustained and protected by the eggregore of the Secret Chain, they travel the Initiatic Way for their personal Reintegration.

The Superior Unknowns: As Guardians of the Martinist Tradition, they deepen the Way (we give this word the same meaning as the sense of the word, "Tao"). By their effective works, and their research, they prepare themselves for the transmission of this traditional heritage

The OMCC maintain fraternal relations with most other Martinist Orders in the world, and in the same way with organizations belonging to other currents, and who, as a result, perpetuate their own rituals and customs, and the Alchemical and Hermetic Tradition of the Ancient Rosé Croix

The work of OMCC in the USA is under the Master Director of the Lodge Ratziel, operating in the Greater Portland, Oregon-- Vancouver , Washington area.

The OMCC is open to all persons over the age of 21, without distinction of gender, race, or religious affiliation, provided they are of good moral character, law-abiding, and that they affirm a belief in a Supreme Being

"Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find; Knock and it will be opened to you." (Matthew 7:7). We invite you to apply

All though Studies are available electronically,the essence of Martinism is initiatic transmission from a regular lineage to the candidate. This is the purpose of the new Martinist Lodge being formed in North Carolina ,i.e to confer initiations and hold conventicles.


If you are sincerely interested, send an e-mail to Brother Originarius at for an application.

















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